Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Erin's Take on Bill's Carrot Cake

Sorry, I am a little late in posting on this week's TWD Carrot Cake. What can I say... life gets hectic. In general, I am not a cake fan. I would take pie over cake any day. Except for carrot cake. I just have a weakness for carrot cake, or perhaps the cream cheese icing that is always used.

I took the cake over to a party at a friends house on Tuesday and invited constructive critisim to be included in this post. Here's what we came up with:
1. The taste of the cake was great - really hearty and spiced well.
2. The cranberries were a perfect replacement for the much detested raisins.
3. My cake was little bit dry. I kept in the oven for 47 minutes, so next time I take 5 minutes off the cooking time.
4. We all loved not having icing on the sides. This eliminated the common problem of way too much icing on a slice of cake. (I know to some people this is never a problem.)

This cake is definitly worth keeping on the make again list. Thought next time I am going to substitute half of the oil for the same amount of applesauce and see how it turns out.

Here's how the cake looked after we finished with it last night.


LyB said...

Your cake looks absolutely lovely! And the applesauce trick works, that's what I did, it turned out great. :)

Shirlie said...

Great job, E. Your cake looks just like the picture in the book!

Sharon said...

Yeah, I am one of those people with whom frosting can never be too much, however on this cake I could eat it without even. Yummy cakes!

Donna said...

Nice job! Looks delicious too!

Anonymous said...

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