Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daring Baker's August Challenge -- Chocolate Eclairs

I am late. I know it. This post was suppose to go up days ago when the rest of the Daring Baker's membership unvieled their eclair baking experiences during the past month. What can I say... life is super crazy. But, I was determined to make these all month, no matter what. So, make them I did... in stages.

That's what was nice about this recipe. The pastry cream, chocolate glaze and eclair dough can all be made seperately and put together at a later date. I made everything on Sunday and put them together last night. I will agree with some other Daring Bakers that the dough was really eggy. But I am not eclair expert so they still tasted fine to me. In fact, these could have been the first eclairs I have ever eaten.

(Funny thing would have it, Eddie told me last night that he is actually a huge eclair fan. I had no idea! He told me that when ever his family vacationed with his grandparents, he and his grandfather would seek out eclairs whereever they went and then compare notes.)

Knowing that these would end up being eaten by my coworkers I decided to make mini elclairs. So, my eclairs were only about 3 inches long and rather skinny. Pretty cute if I do say so myself. And, perhaps you will think so too.

Please check out our hosts this week, Tony and Meeta for the recipe.


Anonymous said...

I ate a few only because I had to save some for the others. I am an eclair eater also. They were delicious. JM

Jacque said...

I think yours look perfect!