Monday, January 1, 2007

About Us

Good day! My name is Erin. I live near Baltimore, Maryland, with my husband Eddie. Cooking quickly became a passion when I graduated from college and finally returned to a home with a real live kitchen. Friends and family are always telling me I should go to cooking school and pursue my passion. But giving up my evenings and weekends to cook in a restaurant is not the type of cooking I enjoy. I love experimenting with recipes in my kitchen and have recently found the joy of shopping locally and trying to create meals from in season produce from the farmers market. So, when I am not at work, or in one of my graduate school classes, I can either be found in the kitchen or surrounded by cook books in my family room trying to decide what new dish to try.

Hello! I'm Shirlie and I live in San Antonio, Texas. Erin and I became friends after our husbands began studying together in law school. We soon realized that not only did we both enjoy cooking and eating, we both loved to use fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. I have loads of time to cook, now, because I stay at home with my infant daughter. So, in between Gabby's naps, I can be found in the kitchen. I hope you will enjoy reading about Erin and my culinary adventures!

Since we both love food and our emails usually revolve around what new dish we made that particular day we thought “hey, we should start a food blog.” And, since we aren’t busy enough we decided to each juggle one more hat: blogger!

So, we created this site to share our favorite recipes with primarily ourselves, and whoever happens to wander in from the vast world of the internet. While life is busy for the both of us, we thought this venture would be too much fun for us to pass up. People always say when life get busy you should take time to stop and smell the roses. We think that when life gets hectic, you should never forget to take time to stop and Smell the Basil! Happy Cooking!

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